The HW2 Extension is developed to be used in combination with the Software „HAUPTWERK“. As the name implys it is an extension. HW2 does not have its own MIDI Encoder on board, so it will not work without MIDIO4.

UHT - HW2 Example


With the HW2 Extension you can connect a 5th manual and a pedalboard, both velocity sensitive. With the small DIP switches the velocity mode can be switched ON or OFF. When the velocity function is switched OFF you can choose between the upper and the lower contact. (same as at MIDIO4). The MIDI channels are fix. Pedalboard = channel 1, manual 5 = channel 14. Additonally you can connect up to 128 switches (and / or pushbuttons) and up to 4 potentionmeters (swell pedals). The potentiometers will be connected to the stereo jacks sockets. Furthermore there are 6 mono jack sockets for connecting toe pistons. With an arbour-mounted adapt print this option can be extended to 12 mono jack sockets. The ports for the switches / pushbuttons are arranged in 8 groups á 16 pins (X1 -X8). There is a difference in processing the signals of pushbuttons and switches. You can choose how you want to configure the HW2 Extension. Default 0 = 128 pushbuttons, default 1 = 128 switches. And of course there are also mix-configurations available. As for example 108 pushbuttons + 16 switches, or 92 pushbuttons + 32 switches etc.