One of the basic concepts of the UHT keyboards.

UHT Service

A modular construction principle, with various setting options according to customer request. Within the range of technically practical adjustments, the five setting parameters produce fully customized keyboards.


Example 1

An organist would like to have a similar playing feel on his 4 manual home organ to that on the organ in his church. He would like each of the four manuals to have different playing characteristics: The great should have a 140 g playing weight, a powerful pressure point and a key stroke of 11 mm. The swell is set similarly but with a 10 mm key stroke. Choir and positive have less playing weight and a lighter pressure point. The positions of the pressure point and switching contact then have to be decided. This individual playing feel can of course also be checked acoustically. UHT then sends the set keyboards to the organ manufacturer.

Example 2

UHT keyboards are fitted into the electric console of a pipe organ. In many churches, the distance between the console and the organ gallery is so great that sound lag occurs. That means the organist always has to play in advance of what he is hearing. The contacts in UHT keyboards are normally set so that they switch after the pressure point has been overcome. In this case, it may be advantageous to set the contact a little earlier than the pressure point, so that the sound reaches the organist at the same time as the key passes the pressure point.

several other examples...

  • The keyboards are installed for years already and the organist needs the keyboard settings to be changed.
  • An old keyboard needs new felts.
  • A mechanical contact system is planned to be replaced with our wear free double HALL contact system.
  • The keyboards of a pipe organ should get MIDI OUT additionally.

… whatever needs to be done - please do no hesitate to contact us. We’ll find a solution!