UHT - Interface for Pipe Organ

Electric consoles of pipe organs usually require a contact switching for each single key. UHT - keyboards have an 8x8 matrix output.

The „UHT - INTERFACE S402061DS“ transforms the matrix into single contact signals. At inputs or load resistances the interface can operate with an operating voltage of up to DC 30V. The PCB has a special design, so the interface can easily be mounted at the frame of the keyboard. The interface will be connected to the organ electronic with a 64 pol. ribbon cable. The pins 62, 63 and 64 are not assigned, so they are free configurable. With jumpers to be set, the contact can be selected. (point of speech = upper contact or lower contact) The outputs are low-active. The COM voltage of the load resistances is switched to GND. An adapter board with screw connectors is available as an option.

S402061DS can supply single outputs as described above AND MIDI-OUT at the same time. (additional MIDI-Encoder required). DS means „dual scan“.